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Mueller Industries engineers are re-writing the book on the thresholds for copper piping systems by factoring in the uniquelly intense strain-hardening properties of copper. Efforts are currently underway to educate the leading authorities through organizations including ASME, ASTM, ASHRAE, and more. Other producers, industry leaders, and respected academia are also involved.

Operating Pressure
Did you know?
In high pressure applications, the critical forces contained in the refrigerant piping act upon the entire circumference of the tube & fittings [hoop stress]. Under extreme pressure the circumference grows by tiny amounts, thus reorienting the copper molecules and creating a stronger product. This process is know as work hardening, and copper has an amazing ability to leverage this phenomenon in field conditions.

Mueller Industries introduced the first nitrogenized ACR tubing made specifically for heating, air conditioning, & refrigeration applications. The additional cleaning, nitrogen charge, and plugged ends help ensure a reliable and clean installation.


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