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Mueller Streamline Co. is now able to offer the first refrigeration copper tube and fittings UL Recognized to 700PSI in select sizes. In order to provide the highest level of assurance to our customers that these products continue to meet the higher pressure demands of these modern refrigerants, we have taken the additional step of implementing third-party verification – through Underwriters Laboratories (UL) – of extensive testing procedures. The testing and third-party certification validates performance of these products up to operating pressures of 700psi at 250°F.

700 PSI

The HVAC/R Industry has seen some big changes in technology & refrigerant systems in recent years. The gradual phase-out of R-22 refrigerant has ushered in newer, environmentally friendly replacements, which operate at higher pressures and temperatures. Mueller Industries is leading the copper industry to support contractors' needs in this changing environment.

Operating Pressure


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Dura Grain DuraGrain provides for a more uniform, durable metal and in turn yields higher performing Streamline copper tube, line sets and fittings.
True Center TrueCenter ensures that Streamline copper tube, line sets and fittings have uniform grain quality and uniform wall thickness.

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